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I personally think @AshokaMody is emerging as the most considered, thoughtful, pragmatic and polite analyst of European economic affairs out there.

— Andrew McNally (@AndrewMcNallyUK) February 5, 2019

Top books last year:

Eurotragedy by @AshokaMody
The road to somewhere by @David_Goodhart
The tribe by @bencobley
Hired by @J_Bloodworth
De Gaulle by Aidan Crawley

All amazingly well written and accessible and I would recommend everyone grabs them.

— Dan Salt (@danieljohnsalt) January 1, 2019

Helmut Kohl quoted his father as saying upon his return from the war in Poland: „when we have to pay for what we have caused there we will never again have anything to laugh about“ p. 66 of @AshokaMody’s excellent euro tragedy book.

— Nikos Askitas (@askitas) October 7, 2018

@AshokaMody than you for the „Euro tragedy“ book. Fascinating. Enjoyable. Already after the introduction many puzzle pieces find their place and a picture emerges...

— Nikos Askitas (@askitas) October 7, 2018

EuroTragedy by Ashoka Mody.

Simply excellent.

It's also great because

1) It goes through the history of the sorry currency and subsequent events again

2) it's written by an outsider whom has no skin in the game so to speak

Very well written so a real page turner

— Dan Salt (@danieljohnsalt) October 4, 2018

Currently reading "Euro Tragedy, a Drama in Nine Acts" from prof. @AshokaMody | It is a Tragedy (with capital 'T') indeed. A must read for everyone who want to understand how the euro and eurozone was (mis)managed.

— Jean Wanningen (@trias_politica) October 1, 2018

Chuffed to be meeting Ashoka Mody today. His book ‘Eurotragedy’ shines light on global fin system with creditors at apex & is a must-read.

— Ann Pettifor (@AnnPettifor) September 29, 2018

I wonder whether anyone in the ECB is reading @AshokaMody ‘a brilliant Eurotragedy. They should. “European leaders fell into a groupthink that all would be well. The narrative of pro-Europeanism, of Europe as exceptional, would carry them forward.”

— Štefan Auer (@stefanauer_hku) September 13, 2018

My review of @AshokaMody’s brilliant EuroTragedy for @IAJournal_CH:

— Hans Kundnani (@hanskundnani) September 12, 2018

Just finished @AshokaMody's Eurotragedy. An important book, and a truly disturbing read for Europeans. Even if you don't agree with all its implications, everyone interested is Europe should reflect on his detailed account of the Eurocrisis. A must-read for us all.

— Pepe Fernández-Albertos (@jfalbertos) September 4, 2018

1. In #Eurotragedy Ashoka Mody (Princeton) racconta la storia europea dalle origini ad oggi. Establishment europeo ne esce a pezzi, istituzioni EU non hanno mai avuto niente a che fare con la democrazia. EU nasce come progetto elitario-tecnocratico a trazione francese.

— Lorenzo Castellani (@LorenzoCast89) August 5, 2018

For eurozone junkies and those less so: this is a great retrospective on ongoing euro drama. Ashoka had a front row seat too as head of IMF mission to Ireland. Read it! @AshokaMody

— Landon Thomas Jr. (@Landonthomasjr) July 25, 2018

Today, the rich history of European monetary union efforts with @AshokaMody based on his new book. It's a sobering tell of political actors who knew better, but still clung to a pro-European hope of further political integration.

— David Beckworth (@DavidBeckworth) July 23, 2018

Just finished recording a podcast with @AshokaMody on his new book. This is amazing read, full of great stories and sobering insights. Here are few observations (1/x)

— David Beckworth (@DavidBeckworth) July 9, 2018

MUST SEE: Euro Tragedy: A Drama in Nine Acts via @YouTube by @AshokaMody

— The Godfather (@DCorleone64) June 30, 2018

Have just been in Ireland for a few days.Find the economy frighteningly unsustainable. This confirmed by @AshokaMody 's comment today, & excellent and straight talking book: Eurotragedy: A drama in nine acts.

— Ann Pettifor (@AnnPettifor) June 25, 2018

Also, I agree with @rodrikdani that Ashoka Mody's new book on the euro crisis is worth your time

— Matthew C. Klein (@M_C_Klein) June 22, 2018

Mody's book is a masterful account of the tragedy of the euro. Highly recommend it.

— Dani Rodrik (@rodrikdani) June 22, 2018

Shakespeare aside, it really is a great read, even for those who know the plot quite well. Thorough, dispassionate, and more than a little depressing. EZ case not hopeless though. But tradeoffs between political choices and economic outcomes should be understood, not ignored.

— Isabelle Mateos y Lago (@IMateosylago) June 13, 2018

this promises to be a must read! eurotragedy by ashoka mody#euro

— Ewald Engelen (@ewaldeng) June 12, 2018